The Signer Experience™ FAQs

Who should use create’s lightning fast, “minimum-click”, document signing experiences™ that business owners and signers love. Whether you’re flying solo as a freelancer, kickstarting your small-business or managing a large enterprise team, is perfect for you. 

Can I upgrade to a different plan at a later time?

Certainly! You can make a quick upgrade at any moment by clicking the Upgrade link in your account menu, choosing your new plan and following the step-by-step instructions on the screen.

Does work on mobile, tablet and desktop? 

Built from the ground up with 7+ years feedback from thousands of customers and millions of documents signed; looks absolutely fabulous to your signers on mobile, tablet, and desktop.  In fact we’ve meticulously separated the Desktop from Mobile & Tablet each with their own unique “minimum-click”, lightning fast, user-friendly experience! However, the document upload and creation process (preparing your packages for signature) must take place on a tablet or laptop/desktop computer.  

What are templates?

Templates are perfect for documents that need to be reused and sent out for eSignature frequently.  Waivers, Non-Disclosure agreements, startup paperwork and more.  The recipients manually enter their legal name and contact information and fill out the required fields for your digital package.Can I access custom branding on Lite or Starter?

We love making our customers look incredible to their signers. is by far the most “Custom Branding” friendly document signing platform on the market.  Our Custom Branding Add-On is included with our Business, Team and Enterprise plans. Individuals can subscribe to this feature for an additional $10/mo if they’re on a Starter plan.

What's the difference from and WP ESignature? is our powerful cloud hosted document signing platform built from the ground up from over 7+ years of feedback from our prototype WP E-Signature (a document signing WordPress plugin). offers PDF Upload, bank-grade security, lightning-fast workflows and a gorgeous user experience, while WP E-Signature is a slimmer self-hosted document signing plugin.

Do you offer Enterprise plans?

Sure thing! Our Enterprise plan offers businesses a tailor made plan designed to meet their specific needs with a dedicated account manager to help them every step of the way. If you have a larger company with a more advanced workflow and a high volume of electronic signatures, our sales team is happy to speak with you and create a plan perfect for your company.

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