Add Recipients to Your Package

Once you select a document you want to send, you will add the recipients. Adding recipients to your package defines required signers and view-only recipients. Recipients will not need an account to sign, as they can still open your document and complete their signing action without one.

  1. Enter the first and last name of your signer
  2. Enter the email of your signer

add your package recipient

As this information is being entered, previous signers will be listed on the screen for easy access.

   3. Select Add New Recipient

   4. Use the dropdown next to your recipient's name to require them to sign or grant them view-only permissions

   5. To add another recipient, use the blue plus sign and repeat the steps above.

select to add another recipient

   6. (Optional) Set a signing order for your recipients. See Signing Order guide here.

   7. (Optional) Set signing reminders for your signers. See Signing Reminders guide here.

Once you add your recipients, you can review your package recipients on the summary page. 

Send it out and celebrate! 🎉 

If you'd rather create a document that is reusable and accessed via URL, you can create a Template instead. See how to create a Template here.

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