Add Folder to Your Package Library

Folders are an excellent way to sort packages within an profile. They allow you to easily manage and categorize all of your packages for quicker access and clear organization.

In this article:

Creating a Folder

Moving a Package to a Folder

Creating a Folder

  1. View Packages to begin creating your new folder.
  2. Select Add a New Folder.
  3. Name your new folder and select Create.


Once a folder is created, documents can be placed inside for an easy, organized view. 

Moving a Package to a Folder

To move a single document, click the desired document, drag to the specific folder and drop it to place inside.

To move multiple documents to one folder, hold command and select each document you want to place inside. Once they are selected, drag all documents in one pull to the desired folder.


Once documents are placed in the folder, a confirmation notification will appear in the top right corner.

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